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For information on purchasing digital images, prints or other forms of use, please contact me through the email link.


I’m always searching for the “perfect” image and love to explore new and different ways of catching that “moment in time”. Image making is my attempt to capture and record reality, as I perceive it.

I have embraced digital technologies enthusiastically and revel in the opportunity to capture, make and publish images either in electronic or print formats. The capacity to inject my own interpretation of what I see and experience is something I value highly.

Membership of the Diamond Valley Photographic Society has broadened my understanding of photography and photographers. Sharing a passion for image making with others has stimulated and challenged me to improve. The opportunity to submit images for judging provides further incentive for improvement.

A number of images, some of which are included on this website, have been awarded prizes. Commissions to provide images for individuals and organisations have proved to be satisfying and rewarding. Working with and alongside people is a privilege. Photographing family members and events brings me great joy.

Enjoy viewing the images I have chosen for this website. I intend to update the site as new images are made. I’m particularly interested in urban and natural environments, and the capture of significant moments and places arising from travel in Australia and throughout the world.

My professional life has centred on education. I’ve been a teacher, curriculum developer and education administrator. Now I provide consultancy services to schools, state and national education bodies here in Australia. I currently live in inner city Melbourne.


All images are copyright of Ross Kimber, 2014; unauthorized use is prohibited.​

Ross Kimber

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