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bottles on show.jpg

bottles on show

spiral sculpture
shadows on the rainbow?
on the move.jpg

on the move

Darwin waterfront.jpg

Darwin waterfront

fabics in spherical form.jpg

fabics in spherical form

Ganges at sunrise.jpg

Ganges at sunrise

Going home.jpg

Going home

Into the light.jpg

Into the light

Leaf pattern.jpg

Leaf pattern

Liquid peony.jpg

Liquid peony

Marriners Falls, Victoria.jpg

Marriners Falls, Victoria

Noosa River reflections 1.jpg

Noosa River reflections 1

Noosa River reflections 2.jpg

Noosa River reflections 2

Out of the darkness.jpg

Out of the darkness

Spiral staircase.jpg

Spiral staircase

Stone etching.jpg

Stone etching

Street art and reflection.jpg

Street art and reflection

Tate Gallery London.jpg

Tate Gallery London

The London Eye.jpg

The London Eye

Tree fern.jpg

Tree fern

Underground dwellers.jpg

Underground dwellers

Wet reflection.jpg

Wet reflection

windmill in motion.jpg

windmill in motion

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