Business in the street.jpg

Business in the street

Decorating the pot, Fez.jpg

Decorating the pot, Fez

Fez souk.jpg

Fez souk

Fez, Morocco.jpg

Fez, Morocco

Fez, roof view.jpg

Fez, roof view

leather shoes, Fez.jpg

leather shoes, Fez

Man in Fez.jpg

Man in Fez

Moroccan pottery.jpg

Moroccan pottery

Moroccan riad.jpg

Moroccan riad

Palace doors, Fez.jpg

Palace doors, Fez

Pottery kiln.jpg

Pottery kiln

Riad under repair.jpg

Riad under repair

Stoking the furnace.jpg

Stoking the furnace

Street life, Fez.jpg

Street life, Fez





Tannery 2 Fez.jpg

Tannery 2 Fez

Tannery, Fez.jpg

Tannery, Fez

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