pants of the vibrant type

Angkor Wat.jpg

Angkor Wat

shells on sand

Southgate awning, melbourne

Splitting timber

fabric with texture


Scribbly gum, Canberra

building facade, Melbourne

River bed, NT

Spanish shawls, Seville

Coloured sand.jpg

Coloured sand

Coloured sands.jpg

Coloured sands

Patterns in nature.jpg

Patterns in nature

Blue mosque.jpg

Blue mosque

fabric sculpture.jpg

fabric sculpture

Fitzroy house.jpg

Fitzroy house

Fortnum & Mason.jpg

Fortnum & Mason

giraffe in reverse.jpg

giraffe in reverse

Golden Hind.jpg

Golden Hind

hand craft.jpg

hand craft

London fence.jpg

London fence

Mosque wall.jpg

Mosque wall

rock formation.jpg

rock formation

rusting boat 2.jpg

rusting boat 2

rusting boat.jpg

rusting boat

Somerset House.jpg

Somerset House

Spanish fan.jpg

Spanish fan

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