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Welcome to my blog

The urge to capture the moment is with me constantly. My camera does the initial work and then it’s into the digital darkroom for post-processing.

I like to think of myself as a photographic artist, an image-maker. Constructing reality through the lens is part of my experience of life in so many different settings. Through this blog I hope to share some of my images, the context in which they were captured and to tell part of the story about their making.

There will be randomness about the posts on this blog. There will be a touch of spontaneity at times (when a particular image(s) seems to work), a more planned approach at times (when I’m travelling, when I want to pursue a particular theme).

I welcome responses to the posts and feedback about them. If you like any of the images either in this blog or in the albums or you would like to purchase one, then contact me through the email link page.


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